• Behaviour consultation
  • Individual training 
  • Puppy/kitten - life skills
  • Support for your aging pet
  • Adopting a pet from a breeder/rescue organisation/re-homing/other
  • Welcoming a new pet in your home
  • Online consultation

      First session 70 €

      Additional session 50 €

Consultations and Conditions

All consultations and sessions are held on appointment only basis (in multi-pet households several pets may be concerned). The first session is ideally held in the living place of the animal.

In most cases I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and a disclaimer document before our first session.

I may ask for a vet-check before or after our first session if I suspect a medical condition or pain influencing the behaviour or welfare of your pet.

Home consultations are possible all over Belgium. Online sessions are possible worldwide.

A standard kilometer compensation of 0,50 €/km will be applied outside of the Brussels-region. 

Payment can be made by bank transfer within a week of the session to: BE75 4014 5351 7151.

Written assessments, reports and handouts are provided in English or French. 

Behaviour consultation

    • Held in the living environment of the pet
    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Identify the cause(s) of the reported behaviour
    • Advise on how to change/stop the behaviour 
    • Provide written assessment and follow up 
    • Practise Fear & Force Free methods only
    • Apply field specific standards of practice and ethics
    • Assure complete confidentiality