About me

My professional background is in Hospitality, Marketing and Communications. For many years I worked for international corporations worldwide and learned how to function in different environments. My experience from working in a service industry has taught me to appreciate diversity, to respect the individual, to be a good listener and to keep an open mind.

The human mind and why we behave the way we do have always intrigued me. Along this path,

my love for animals and nature inspired me to return to university to study behaviour and welfare of companion animals and to turn a passion into a profession. PAWSENSE was established in 2017.

The world of SCENT !

Dogs of any breed, size and age can enjoy scent detection. Shy, fearful or reactive dogs can build confidence and highly active dogs will burn energy. NOSEWORK stimulates the dog's brain, develops problem solving skills and helps to improve the mental and physical balance of any dog. As a handler you learn important communication and observation skills that can be used in other training or life situations. 


Together with my working line Goldens Blue, Fawkes and Sally we hunt bed-bugs in private homes and in places of accommodation as a part of a Belgian detection network. 



Bachelor of Science, Hospitality Management and Business Administration (BSc)

Cornell University, USA

International Postgraduate, Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare  (PGDip CABW)

KUL - Odisee, Belgium

Philosophy and work ethic

As a member of the following global organizations of professional trainers and behaviour consultants, I follow their recommendations, standards of practice and codes of ethic:

IAABC - International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultans

APBC - Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors

ABS - Animal Behavior Society

CHART ANIMAL RESPECT - Initiative by Julie Willems 

LIMA - "Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive”

FORCE FREE - Training techniques practising no pain, intimidation, threats, force, or coercion 

BEDWANTSEN DETECTIE HOND - Member of professional detection network in Belgium

Relevant courses and diplomas

  • Errorless Learning in Canine Scent Detection, The School of Canine Science, online (2024)
  • Defensive Dog Handling with Aggressive Dogs, IAABC, online (2024)
  • The Myth of the Alpha Male, Odisee, online (2024)

  • How Genetics Relate to Behavior: Uncovering the History of Dogs, IAABC, online (2023)

  • Scent For Six, The School of Canine Science, online (2022)
  • Separation Anxiety Dog, Moira Hechenleitner, online (2022)
  • Predation Substitute Training, Simone Mueller, online (2021)
  • Urban BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training), Viviane Arzoumanian, online (2021)
  • Effort-LessDog Walking, Grisha Stewart, online (2021)
  • Nutrition & Behaviour, The School of Canine Science, online (2021)
  • RCT: Relationship Centered Training, Suzanne Clothier, online (2020)
  • CARAT: Ethology of the individual, Suzanne Clothier, online (2020)
  • Agression in dogs conference, Michael Shikashio and others, online (2020)
  • Cavorting Canines: effects of exercise on the dog, Dr. Amber Batson, online (2020)
  • Troublesome Teens: surviving doggy adolescence, Dr. Amber Batson, online (2020)
  • Separation Anxiety in dogs, online by Assisi Animal Health, (2020)
  • Recognising pain in Dogs, Debbie Gross Torraca, online (2020)
  • Animal & Law Chair, University of Antwerp (Faculty of Law), Belgium (2109)
  • Cognitive disfunction-an emotional disorder in the elderly canine, Dr. Sarah Heath, online (2019)
  • Fireworks refresher-what to do to help feline and canine patients, Dr. Sarah Heath, online (2019)
  • Introducing cats and dogs, Dr. Jenna Kiddie, online (2019)
  • Techniques de stretching et de massage canin, Vanessa Soyeur, Belgium (2019)
  • Barking Mad-abnormal behaviours in the dog, Amber Batson, Belgium (2018)
  • Training mistakes that create headache for dogs, Kathy Sdao, Belgium (2018)
  • Puppy and instructor course-de nieuwe hond in de manschapij, Belgium (2017-2018)
  • Basic agression course for animal professionals, Dr. Amber Batson, Belgium (2017-2018)
  • The emotional world of cats/dogs-pain assessment, pheromones, neutering, Dr. Daniel Mills, Belgium (2017)
  • First aid course to assist companion animals, Dr. Catherine Teughels, Belgium (2017)
  • Balans en coordinatie van pup tot puber, Sam Turner, Belgium (2016)
  • Beyond dominance-daily life with your dog, Dr. Amber Batson, Belgium (2016)
  • Calming signals, Turid Rugaas, Belgium (2016)
  • Gedragsproblemen bij katten, Belgian Government, Belgium (2016)
  • Patologisch gedrag bij honden, Conference, Belgium (2016)
  • Play & agression-are they closely related?, Pia Silvani, Belgium (2016)
  • Gedragstraining hond in form, Joke Monterey, Belgium (2015)