Annika Mattson BSc PGDip CABW

Certified Companion Animal Behaviour & Welfare Consultant

Consultant Diplômé en Comportement & Bienêtre des Animaux de Compagnie




PawSense provides a force free and science-based approach to the prevention and treatment of behaviour problems in dogs and cats. This involves assessing the pet in its living environment, addressing unwanted and problematic behaviours reported by the owner, and finally proposing achievable solutions respecting the needs of everyone involved. 

We can also help you with issues concerning your aging pet, puppy/kitten, education/training of your pet and with adopting or relinquishing a pet. 

We work closely with other animal care professionals such as veterinary practices and specialists, breeders, trainers, therapists, animal assisted projects and animal shelters. 

COVID-19 Protocol: 

I will be wearing a mask during our session. Should your pet not like faces covered,

especially if it’s our first time meeting,

please let me know and together we will work out an alternative option. 

As a member of the following global organisations of professional trainers and behaviour consultants,

we follow their recommendations, standards of practice and codes of ethic:

IAABC - International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants: (https://m.iaabc.org/about/ethics/)

APBC - Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors: (https://www.apbc.org.uk/the-apbc/)

ABS - Animal Behavior Society: (https://www.animalbehaviorsociety.org/web/index.php)

Charte Animal Respect - Julie Willems: (https://juliewillems.be/charte-du-bon-comportementaliste/)

LIMA - "Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive” : (https://www.ccpdt.org/about-us/least-intrusive-minimally-aversive-lima-effective-behavior-intervention-policy/)

FORCE FREE - Force-free training is teaching an animal without pain, intimidation, threats, force, or coercion (https://www.forcefree-dogtraining.org/)

DETECTION & NOSEWORK - Member of professional nosework network 'Bedwantsen detectie hond' (https://bedwantsenhond.com/)

Positive human-animal relationships

are based on mutual

respect, trust, care and understanding