As a certified companion animal behaviour counsellor I work together with veterinarians and other animal care professionals to assist pet owners in overcoming behaviour issues with their dogs and cats.

I also assist with specific needs such as guiding owners in educating puppies and kittens, supporting owners with aging pets, introducing an adopted cat/dog to its new home or helping owners and pets to cope with behavioral or medical conditions (on veterinary referral only), always ensuring good welfare for all. 

Write me a short mail describing the behaviours that you are concerned about or need help with. I will get back to you as soon as I can. 


  • What is problem behaviour?
  • What is normal behaviour?
  • What is natural behaviour?
  • What is breed-specific behaviour?
  • What is learned behaviour?
  • Why does my pet behave like this?
  • How can I better understand my pet?
  • Body language & communication.
  • Emotional & mental states.
  • Medical conditions and/or pain influencing the behaviour of my pet.

Java & Kadja


        Life Skills & Welfare

  • How can I become a responible owner?
  • What does my pup/kitten/aging pet need?
  • Why is socilalization so crucial?
  • Can diet have an impact on welfare?
  • How much exercise is optimal?
  • What is physical & mental enrichment?
  • Is the living environment adequate?
  • Does my pet have feelings?
  • Why does my pet not like to be cuddled?
  • How can I improve the welfare of my pet?
  • What is a comfort zone?
  • What do I expect from my pet and what does he/she expect from me?


Tel: +32-474.690.012

Languages spoken:

English, French, Dutch/Flemish, Swedish, Finnish, German & Spanish.


Appointments can be made by mail, by phone or by filling out the online form at the bottom of the 'Contact' page on this web site. All sessions are conducted on appointment and individual basis (in multi-pet households several pets may be concerned).

The first session lasts about 2 hours and takes place in the living environment of the animal.

This session costs 70 eur (incl. VAT) and includes a treatment plan  which will be sent to you by mail within a week of the session. Based on the outcome of the consultation and the proposed treatment plan we decide together how to proceed.

Consecutive sessions of 60-90 minutes cost 50 eur (incl.VAT). This includes follow up by mail accompanied by handouts and helpful sources. These sessions can be held in your home, in my premises, in a vet's practice or in another suitable location. Skype sessions are also possible in certain cases.

Practical matters

I do home visits all over Belgium.

A standard kilometer compensation of 0,50 eur/km will be applied outside of the Brussels-region.

I may ask for a vet-check if I suspect a medical condition or pain influencing the behaviour of your pet.

A disclaimer document may be necessary for certain high-risk cases.



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