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As a companion animal behaviour & welfare counsellor I wish to optimise the understanding between humans and animals to improve their relationships and coexistence.

My work consists of helping you to identify and understand the cause (underlying motivation) of the problem/unwanted behaviour that your pet is displaying. Together we can work towards behaviour solutions using positive and force-free methods, respecting  your needs and the welfare of your pet. At the first consultation I will ask many questions in oder to map out the history of the reported behaviour problem. It is essential that I am informed of all possible details concerning your pet, its health situation, its living environment and the circumstances.

I work closely with veterinary clinics, animal clinicians & therapists, behaviourists, shelters, catteries/boarding kennels, rehabilitation centers, grooming parlors, breeders, trainers, pet-shops, animal-assisted intervention teams, animal welfare and protection groups, conference and seminar organisers, legal institutions and scientific communities in Belgium and worldwide. Under the title 'Good to Know' you will find useful links and sources. 

My Profile

Annika Mattson

My professional background is in Hospitality, Marketing and Communications. Working for international corporations in several countries, I learned to communicate in different cultures and languages, to appreciate diversity and to keep an open mind.

I have always been intrigued by science of the human mind and of why we behave the way we do. Along this path, my love for animals and nature inspired me to go back to school to learn more about how to comprehend and interpret the behaviour, communication and emotional life of other species. More specifically, to gain an insight into the needs, behaviour and emotions of dogs, cats and horses, and to turn a passion into a profession. My aim is to employ and share what i have learned and to do my best to help you to restore and cherish your present and future human-animal relationships.


  • Bachelor of Science, Cornell University, USA (1989-1993)

  • International Postgraduate Course in Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare (PgDip CABW), Catholic University of Leuven (KUL - Odisee), Belgium (2015-2017)

Other relevant courses & diplomas

Animal & Law Chair, University of Antwerp (Faculty of Law), Belgium (2109)

At the end of this course, the student is able to critically examine the status of animals in law. The position of animals has changed deeply in the last decades. They were mostly only considered as economic factors (e.g. in the Belgian Civil Code of 1804) or as beings completely subordinated to the interests of humans. Nowadays, animals are often recognised as beings with feelings and the capacity to suffer. This has changed how we deal with animals: what was perfectly normal once, is now often problematic and discussed. One may think about full or partial prohibitions about inflicting suffering, e.g. prohibiting shortening the tail, or slaughtering animals without anesthesia. The Law is also implicated in these evolutions. It often recognises animals as “living beings with feelings”, who are specially protected and who can no longer be put on the same plane as non-living objects. But the different branches of law tend to be very incoherent, giving much protection to some animals and ordering the destruction of others. The course will critically appraise the status of the animal.


Techniques de stretching et de massage canin, Belgium (2019)

Hands on workshop - stretching & massage techniques to improve suppleness and comfort in dogs

Vanessa Soyer, equine and canine Physiotherapist and Osteopath, Belgium 


Tel: +32-474.690.012

Languages spoken:

English, French, Dutch/Flemish, Swedish, Finnish, German & Spanish.


Appointments can be made by mail, by phone or by filling out the online form at the bottom of the 'Contact' page on this web site. All sessions are conducted on appointment and individual basis (in multi-pet households several pets may be concerned).

The first session lasts about 2 hours and takes place in the living environment of the animal.

This session costs 70 eur (incl. VAT) and includes a treatment plan  which will be sent to you by mail within a week of the session. Based on the outcome of the consultation and the proposed treatment plan we decide together how to proceed.

Consecutive sessions of 60-90 minutes cost 50 eur (incl.VAT). This includes follow up by mail accompanied by handouts and helpful sources. These sessions can be held in your home, in my premises, in a vet's practice or in another suitable location. Skype sessions are also possible in certain cases.

Practical matters

I do home visits all over Belgium.

A standard kilometer compensation of 0,50 eur/km will be applied outside of the Brussels-region.

I may ask for a vet-check if I suspect a medical condition or pain influencing the behaviour of your pet.

A disclaimer document may be necessary for certain high-risk cases.



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